Shirley Hook-Pattison

Independent Financial Planner

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My Story

Shirley started her career with Abbey National Independent Financial Advisers, with whom she then worked for five years.  She has been with SG Financial Services since their inception in July 2015, looking after clients mainly in the Oxfordshire area. 


Customer care is paramount to Shirley, as is simplifying the whole financial planning procedure.  She has the ability to talk about complex procedure in simple terms as she doesn’t like to use jargon.  Where her clients are concerned, nothing is too much trouble.  Much of the business that Shirley writes centres on investments and retirement planning.


Shirley lives in Bicester with her husband and cat.  She is an avid car enthusiast and a Formula 1 addict.  She is a Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and loves touring Europe in her convertible.  Between them, she and her husband own five cars – both new and classic.  Among Shirley’s favourite pastimes are good conversation, entertaining and eating out (although she admits to having a deep dislike of cooking).