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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't have lots of money to invest?
    Financial Planning is not just about money. Regardless of what people think, it is always worth speaking with an Independent Financial Planner. We can identify areas of your finances and planning that you may not have thought were important but in actual fact, could be devastating should they not be addressed. It could be that you don't have sufficient protection in place - the consequences are hard to think about - and how would your family survive if you were not there to help out?
  • What is an Independent Financial Planner?
    Independent Financial Planners have no restrictions on who or what they can recommend meaning they have no ties or bias to recommend a particular provider or solution to you. They can therefore build you a proposition based on your needs rather than trying to get you to fit a mold. Independent Financial Planners will help and support you in your finances and planning throughout your life, and its important that you start off with a planner you trust. At SG Financial Services, we are directly authorised and regulated by the FCA and all of our advice is compliance checked and passed before it reaches you, giving you the peace of mind that several people have confirmed the suitability of your solution for you.
  • Isn't it expensive?
    Quality Financial Advice is an investment in itself, with all our clients agreeing this is the case. As independent and holistic advisers, we look at the bigger picture and not just one aspect of your finances. We assess the level of tax you are paying and see if there are ways that we can improve this, giving you the most tax efficient income or savings. Our initial consultation is at our own expense as we believe that it is important to assess whether there is something we can help you with before offering advice where fees are applied. We have always and will continue to be extremely transparent with our fees. We will provide you with a Client Agreement at our first meeting which details our charging structure along with examples of these. We will also confirm with you prior to producing recommendations what costs are involved and if you are still happy to proceed.
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